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  • Heartbleed Bug
    4/10/2014 - We have completed an assessment of our own systems and determined that we do not have vulnerabilities associated with the OpenSSL vulnerability commonly referred to as the “Heartbleed Bug”. We are working with our third party providers to ensure if any vulnerabilities are identified, that corrective action will be taken to mitigate risk as soon as possible.
  • Announcement
    3/21/2014 - Bill Broucek, Chairman of the Board, announced that Lee Gorman has been approved as a new director for the Bank and its holding company, Ann Arbor Bancorp, Inc. Ms. Gorman has done extensive work for local non-profits and early-stage companies. She holds both an MBA and a BBA from the University of Michigan Ross School of Business.
  • Scam Targeting Merchants
    3/6/2014 - The FBI is aware of various scams pertaining to re-loadable pre-paid debit cards, but specifically wants to alert the public on a bomb scare scam targeting businesses. One scenario is scammers begin calling businesses and fraudulently representing themselves as a utility company employee and advising the utility bill payment is past due. The caller claims the service will be terminated unless payment is made immediately. Acceptable forms of immediate payment are Green Dot “MoneyPak” cards purchased from a local convenience store or a valid credit card or bank account information. Once the account numbers from the MoneyPak, credit cards, or banks are provided, the scammer removes the funds associated with the MoneyPak or steals funds from the accounts. The complete article can be read in our news section of the website.

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