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  • Happy Anniversary!
    1/14/2015 - Six years ago on January 14, 2009, Ann Arbor State Bank, the newest and best bank in Ann Arbor, opened our doors. Thank you to our Board of Directors, our staff and all of our customers for making Ann Arbor State Bank a success right from the beginning! Here's to another great year in 2015.
  • Jobs Saved: Jackson community jobs saved as Ypsilanti company expands westward
    01/07/2015 - JACKSON, MI – Crown Industrial Services, Inc. is pleased to announce the asset purchase of Midbrook Industrial Washers, Inc., known more commonly as MIWI. Crown Industrial Service, Inc. is one of the largest metal finishing, tumbling, deburring, dunnage, and container management companies in southern Michigan. The addition of Midbrook Industrial Washers, Inc. expands Crown Industrial’s services by adding a precision cleaning division. This division allows Crown’s customers to receive certified reports on the cleanliness of their products after they are processed. The precision cleaning division is supported by a state of the art laboratory and technology center. Read the complete story in our 'News’ section.
  • The Burning Issue of Password Safety:
    1/23/2015 - An alert employee came across some interesting information in a banking publication today. Trustwave, a managed security service provider, performed an analysis to see how easily it could crack a sample of 626,718 passwords it collected during 2013 and early 2014. The security company was able to crack more than 50% of the passwords within the first few minutes of trying and ultimately recovered about 92% of the sample within 31 days. Passwords are still just too simple. While passwords may be annoying, good ones can be hard to keep track of and difficult to remember. We recommend strong passwords with numbers, symbols, upper and lower case letters. And even if the password does not expire, it is still best practice to change it on occasion and not use the same password for every online site. Think your passwords are strong, check your password at Microsoft Security & Safety Center!”

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