Consumer & Home Equity Loans

Ann Arbor State Bank Retail Loan Services:

Ann Arbor State Bank is pleased to offer a complete range of retail loans designed to help you achieve your objectives — whether that’s a new car, a new master suite, college tuition for your kids or practically anything in-between.

Home Equity Lines of Credit:

Using the equity you’ve built in your home is a smart, affordable way to borrow money for virtually any purpose — and the interest you pay may be tax deductible*.

Simply write a check against your Ann Arbor State Bank Home Equity Line of Credit to:

  • Make home improvements
  • Consolidate bills
  • Take a vacation
  • Pay for college tuition

Both fixed and variable rates are available.

* Consult with your tax advisor to determine individual tax benefits, if any.

Automobile Loans:

With an Ann Arbor State Bank auto loan, qualified borrowers may enjoy financing of up to 100% of the purchase price of a new — or pre-owned — vehicle, including tax and license, extended warranty and other extras.

Personal Loans:

If you are faced with unexpected expenses, a competitively priced personal loan from Ann Arbor State Bank may help. Both secured (borrowed against collateral) and unsecured (no collateral) personal loans are available to qualified borrowers.

Overdraft Lines of Credit:

Say goodbye to accidental overdrafts with an Ann Arbor State Bank Overdraft Line of Credit tied directly to your personal checking account. This “write your own” cash advance features low, fixed-rate monthly payments of accrued interest and a small payment of the outstanding principal.

Ann Arbor State Bank VISA®:

Apply for your no annual fee Ann Arbor State Bank VISA® card and enjoy worldwide purchasing power. Our low interest, high credit limit options make an Ann Arbor State Bank VISA the smart choice for savvy consumers.

To learn how an Ann Arbor State Bank retail loan can help you achieve your personal objectives, we invite you to visit our downtown Ann Arbor headquarters and speak with a personal banker. We’ll help you determine which loan is right for you, facilitate the application process and answer your loan request within 5 business days.

iHELP Consolidation Loans:

Fixed Rate Private Consolidation Loans for College Graduates by Ann Arbor State Bank and iHELP Student Loans

iHELP Student Loans offers Private Student Loan Consolidation  for college graduates.  Consolidating your private student loans is a great way to reduce your monthly payments and simplify your life.

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iHELP Student Loans:

 iHELP Private Student Loans for Ann Arbor State Bank

There are many ways to pay the cost of college.  After considering federal loans, scholarships and grants you may still have a gap to pay your total college costs.  Ann Arbor State Bank works with iHELP to provide an attractive private student loan.  Applying for an iHELP Loan is easy and takes as little as 15 minutes.

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