Fraud Center FAQ's

Fraud Center FAQ’s

  • Q.) What hours will the fraud analyst attempt to contact the cardholders?

    • A.) FTC laws prohibit the fraud analyst from contacting cardholders daily before 8am and after 9 PM in the cardholder’s time zone.  If an alert is created before or after these times, the fraud analyst will attempt to contact the cardholder the same day or the following day during the approved hours.

  • Q.) How soon will the cardholder be contacted when a potentially fraudulent transactions is flagged?

    • A.) Immediate notification by an experienced fraud analyst.

  • Q.) How many attempts will be made to contact the cardholder?

    • A.) If there is no answer, the fraud analyst will leave a message.  If an alternate number is provided, the analyst will also call the alternate number and leave a message.  If there is no phone number provided, the fraud analyst will contact Customer Service and our Customer Service Representative will try to get a hold of the cardholder.

  • Q.) Are there steps a cardholder can take to notify the Fraud Center of an upcoming trip overseas so the debit card is not blocked?

    • A.) Yes, please contact customer service at 734-761-1475 to give us your travel dates and destination.  We also suggest to our cardholders to carry a second form of payment (Visa® Travel Card, credit cards) in the event the debit card is blocked.