Investment Products

Ann Arbor State Bank is pleased to offer our customers a variety of Certificates of Deposit (CDs), tailored to their investment needs and wants. CDs from Ann Arbor State Bank are a convenient, safe and easy way to save!

Certificates of Deposit

For serious savers who don’t need ready access to their money, a Certificate of Deposit (CD) could be just the ticket. It has the benefit of a premium interest rate for longer-term investors (12 months, 24 months or longer) but can also accommodate those who need more immediate access to their cash but are interested in investing for the short term (3-6 months). Since a CD is a “time” deposit with a term, penalties may apply to withdrawals made prior to the deposit’s maturity date.

  • $500 opens your account.

  • Interest is paid monthly.

  • Guaranteed rate of return.

  • Available in a variety of terms.

  • Can be viewed with Online Banking.

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