Mobile Text Banking FAQ's

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q. Can I enroll for Mobile Text Banking from my mobile device?
    • A. No. Enrollment for Mobile Text Banking must be completed within our traditional Online Banking site.
  • Q. How do I find the validation code to use to complete enrollment?
    • A. The validation code displays on the enrollment confirmation page within Online Banking. If you have navigated away from the enrollment confirmation page, you can submit the enrollment again to redisplay the code.
  • Q. How do I get information for a specific account?
    • A. During the enrollment process you must designate a mobile account name for each enrolled account. This account name must be included in the text request to get account specific information.
  • Q. How do I cancel Mobile Text Banking?
    • A. Cancellation can be accomplished one of two ways. You can log in to our traditional Online Banking site and un-select the enroll option or you can text STOP to 89549.  You will need to re-enroll to us the service if you cancelled the service.