Mobile Text Banking*

With Mobile Text Banking you can quickly receive your account balance, transfer funds between accounts or view limited transaction history right from your mobile phone using text messages.

How it works

  1. Login to Online Banking and select the Options Tab, Mobile Settings Tab and Mobile Text settings to enter your mobile information.
  2. You will receive a text message
  3. In order to confirm your subcription for this service you must reply "Yes" to the initial text message. 
  4. Next you will receive a text message with all of the commands indicated within our 'Tips' section below. 
  5. Now you will be able to send a text message to request information about your accounts or perform a transaction.
  6. Receive a text message response with the information you requested or confirmation of your transaction. 


Add 89549 to your Contact List, for easy reference.
You can text 89549 with any of the commands below:

    • BAL = Returns balance for all enrolled accounts
    • BAL 'Mobile Account Name' ** = Single Account Balance
    • HIST = All Accounts Recent Activity
    • HIST 'Mobile Account Name' ** = Single Account Activity
    • Help = Commands
    • Stop = Cancel

**Mobile account name is establised in inital set up of text mobile settings. 

Please contact customer service at 734-761-1475 for any questions. 

*Standard mobile service provider text messaging fees apply.