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Ann Arbor State Bank Ann Arbor State Bank
125 West William St.
Ann Arbor, MI 48104 (734) 761-1475

Business Lending

We welcome the opportunity to speak with you about your business lending needs! Our dedicated team of lending professionals will work with you to design the best possible loan in order for you to reach your goals. Each commercial loan is specifically tailored to meet your company’s needs. You get loan decisions quickly because all of our decisions are made locally. Ann Arbor State Bank is committed to business and economic development of its community and is dedicated to finding avenues of financial support to help your business succeed.

Darrell Kenny - Business Loan Professional
Darrell Kenney
(734) 418-0586
Phil Weiss - Commercial Loan Professional
Phil Weiss
(734) 274-6745
Jim Phelps - Commercial Financing Professional
Jim Phelps
(734) 418-0589
Peter Schork - Business Financing Professional
Peter Schork
(734) 761-1480
NMLS# 591753

Erin (Kennedy) Nugent
(517) 315-4671

Kevin L. Graber
(734) 418-9981


Chris Baker
Chris Baker
(734) 418-0581
NMLS: 1391586