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Fraud Control

Ann Arbor State Bank takes the security of its buildings, people and customer information very seriously, deploying physical and online security systems to keep cash and financial data safe and protected.

We need your help.  You have responsibilities too.  You must be continually vigilant to protect against fraud.  Failure to monitor bank accounts daily for fraudulent transactions dramatically increases your company’s risk. In addition, monitoring your accounts will permit you to notify us quickly if you detect a fraudulent transaction.   The bank has a very short period of time within which to return fraudulent transactions and attempt to recover improperly obtained funds.

Learn more about how our products are helping business owners prevent fraud below.

Positive Pay

Checks are the dominant payment form targeted by fraudsters. Mitigate the risk of check fraud by expediting the identification of fraudulent items presented for payment. Images of unauthorized checks presented for payment are flagged so you can quickly and easily determine whether to pay or return the check.

Check Block

Protect your business accounts from check fraud by establishing Check Block. If you have checking or money market accounts on which you never write checks, any check drawn on the designated Check Block accounts will be automatically returned unpaid.

ACH Block All

Protect your account from electronic fraud. Our ACH block all service automatically rejects all ACH debits that are directed to a particular bank account. After a one-time setup, this automatic service helps to reduce your risk of ACH debit fraud.

ACH Debit Blocker

For accounts that require taxes, payroll, or other pre-authorized debits, our ACH originator filtering service automatically filters out unwanted ACH transactions and accepts only authorized ACH debits designated by you in advance. If the ACH Originator is not on the authorized list you provide, we will return their ACH transactions.

To learn more about our fraud control, call us at 1-734-761-1475 or complete our contact us form.

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