A picture of U of M stadium at night.
Michigan Stadium. By Steve Kuzma
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Ann Arbor State Bank Ann Arbor State Bank
125 West William St.
Ann Arbor, MI 48104 (734) 761-1475

Ann Arbor State Bank Employee Directory


Peggy BachliChief Operating Officer & SVP HR Manager(734) 418-0595
Peter F. SchorkCo-Founder, President & CEO(734) 761-1480PSchork@a2sb.com
Rebecca StephensChief Financial Officer & Senior Vice President(734) 418-0593

Business Lending

Kevin L. GraberVice President, Commercial Banking(734) 418-9981kgraber@a2sb.com
Darrell E. KenneySenior Vice President, Commercial Banking(734) 418-0586
Erin (Kennedy) NugentAssistant Vice President(517) 917-0912enugent@a2sb.com
Maureen O’Donohue1st Vice President Commercial Lender(734) 418-0529
Brooke ParrishPrivate Banker(734) 418-0587bparrish@a2sb.com
James (Jim) PhelpsVice President, Commercial Banking(734) 418-0589
Phil WeissVice President, Commercial Banking(734) 274-6745pweiss@a2sb.com


Derek G. BerryChief Credit Officer(734) 418-0585

Customer Service - Jackson Office Branch

Brooke Chalfant-LuppoCustomer Service Representative(517) 917-0908
Lara ConleyBranch Manager(517) 917-0914lconley@a2sb.com
Kylee HamlinCustomer Service Representive(517) 917-0908
Erin (Kennedy) NugentAssistant Vice President(517) 917-0912enugent@a2sb.com
Lori SmithSenior Customer Service Representative(517) 917-0908

Customer Service - Main Office Branch

Tim Berry2nd Vice President, Branch Manager(734) 418-0584tberry@a2sb.com
Taylor LeipoldCustomer Service Representative(734) 761-1475
Rachel PastivaCustomer Service Representive(734) 761-1475
Kelly MikkelsonCustomer Service Representative(734) 761-1475

Customer Service - State Street Office

Chris BakerBranch Manager & Officer(734) 418-0581cbaker@a2sb.com
Susie JenkinsCustomer Service Representative(734) 418-9995
Daniell SmithSenior Customer Service Representative(734) 418-9995
Crystal WebbCustomer Service Representative734-418-9995


Kevin Corbin1st Vice President – General Counsel and Compliance Officer(734) 274-6344

Operations/Electronic Banking

Jennifer DownhamElectronic Banking Officer(734) 272-4068jdownham@a2sb.com

Residential Mortgage Lending

Rhoshebie ArgoMortgage Loan Officer(734) 274-6784rargo@a2sb.com
Sean BreedenAVP Residential Mortgage Loan Officer(734) 418-0588 (Office)
(734) 604-7277 (Cell)
Guy KennedyResidential Mortgage Loan Officer(734) 418-0567gkennedy@a2sb.com
Jeff MillerAssistant Vice President, Mortgage Loan Originator(734) 274-6839 (Office) or (734) 274-1044 (Cell)jmiller@a2sb.com
Jeremy ShafferVP Residential Mortgage Loan Manager(734) 418-0583JShaffer@a2sb.com