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Switch Kit

Opening your Ann Arbor State Bank account is fast and easy! Simply review the details below.

Stop Using Your Old Account, Start Banking with Ann Arbor State Bank

  • Before you open an account with Ann Arbor State Bank, explore our banking products.
  • Retail Checking or Savings Accounts

Switch Your Direct Deposit

Direct deposit and/or automatic payment (ACH) companies that you currently are using. If you use an online bill pay service at your previous financial institution, be sure to cancel each payee.

Redirect Your Automatic Payments

Gather the Name, address, account number of direct deposit and automatic payment or payments. This includes automatic debits (ACH) or automatic charges to your debit and/or credit cards. Common uses of automatic debits include rent/mortgage, utilities, phone and cable bills. Direct Deposits include payroll, taxes, retirement and pension plan accounts, or expense reimbursements.

Close Your Old Bank Account(s)

  • Ensure that all checks and transactions have cleared before you close the account.
  • Ann Arbor State Bank will write a letter signed by you to assist you with closing your accounts.

Additionally, if you’re paying bills online, see how easy it is to set up your Online Bill Pay with Ann Arbor State Bank.
Let Ann Arbor State Bank’s Switch Kit program help you change banks easily.

Contact us if you need help

Call 734-761-1475 to talk to a banking specialist or please make schedule an appointment by using our Contact us or our Switch Kit forms.