eStatement Announcement

Ann Arbor State Bank is pleased to announce a new and improved service for electronic statement delivery. “eStatements” offers an easy and convenient way to receive your periodic bank statements. By enrolling, you will no longer receive paper statements but will be able to access statements and check images through Online Banking. Statements can be viewed online, printed, or saved. eStatements are environmentally friendly, secure, and available for an extended 18 months! The eStatements are available for personal checking, business checking, personal savings, business savings, and loan statements. We’ll be adding more options for additional documents soon.

Existing eStatement Customers

Our current Electronic Statement customers were converted to the new service automatically. You can log on, click the eStatement tab and be able to select your account(s).  Your list will grow as more notices or statements become available for up to 18 months of history.


You can Sign up for eStatements in 4 easy steps:

  1. Log into Online Banking.
  2. Select the eStatement tab.
  3. Verify your email address; enter a security phrase (enter something you will recognize here because it will be on all email correspondence); enter the enrollment passcode; read, and if you agree with the terms, checkmark that you agree and click “I Accept”.
  4. All accounts will be signed up for eStatements automatically. You may click on the “eStatements” tab and then “Documents and Settings” at any time to un-enroll any account from receiving eStatements if you choose.

Call our customer service team at (734) 761-1475 for advanced directions or any questions.