Jobs Saved: Jackson community jobs saved as Ypsilanti company expands westward

JACKSON, MI – Crown Industrial Services, Inc. is pleased to announce the asset purchase of Midbrook Industrial Washers, Inc., known more commonly as MIWI. Crown Industrial Service, Inc. is one of the largest metal finishing, tumbling, deburring, dunnage, and container management companies in southern Michigan. The addition of Midbrook Industrial Washers, Inc. expands Crown Industrial’s services by adding a precision cleaning division. This division allows Crown’s customers to receive certified reports on the cleanliness of their products after they are processed. The precision cleaning division is supported by a state of the art laboratory and technology center.

Midbrook Industrial Washers, Inc., which had been in court appointed receivership for several months, ceased operating December 24, 2014. The ceasing of operations would have left approximately 40 Jackson area individuals looking for employment. Bids to purchase equipment from MIWI were being solicited in order to close the books on the defunct company. On December 20, Crown Industrial went to investigate the possibility of bidding on certain pieces of equipment. After seeing the value of the equipment and the people in place, Crown Industrial was able to formulate an offer to purchase all the equipment in place relating to the precision cleaning and the parts and services division.

This offer was subject to financing and court approval. With the help of Mr. Phil Weiss of Ann Arbor State Bank, Crown Industrial was able to secure the appropriate financing for the purchase of MIWI’s assets. On December 30, the Jackson County District Court approved the purchase of MIWI’s assets. With the completion of the sale to Crown Industrial, approximately 40 MIWI employees were retained to continue operation in the Jackson facility now operating as Crown Industrial.

Crown Industrial Services, Inc. has been in operation in southeastern Michigan for over 60 years. Crown provides mass metal finishing, tumbling, deburring, and dunnage management services for automobile manufactures and automotive suppliers throughout the Midwest. The purchase of Midbrook Industrial Washers serves as an enhancement to Crown’s current offerings. Crown’s customers will now be able to meet certain clean specifications as an enhancement to their quality systems.

Steven Bullock
Crown Industrial Services, Inc.
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