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Debit Cards

If your card has been lost or stolen, or if you believe a fraudulent transaction has occurred, please take one of the following steps:

  1. Call VISA Global Customer Assistance Services toll-free within the United States at 1-800-847-2911.
  2. If traveling outside the United States click here for a full listing of VISA Global Customer Assistance Toll Free Numbers.
  3. Access Online Banking and select “Options”, ATM/Debit Card Tab. Click the check box next to the appropriate card to flag it as lost or stolen, submit.
  4. Access the A2SB Mobile App, go to Preference>Manage Cards. Select the card and choose either “Suspend Card” or “Report Lost or Stolen”. If you have just misplaced your card and think you will find it – select Suspend Card, then when found the card maybe activated by calling Customer Service (734)761-1475.

 What is EMV Chip Card Technology? Gold chip,jpg
EMV (Europay, Mastercard, Visa) chip card technology is a global collaboration and standard for increasing the security of debit and credit card transactions. A special microchip is embedded in the card, which adds another layer of security to cards when used at a chip-enabled terminal. Simply put, it’s a more secure way to pay.

Ann Arbor State Bank is in the process of switching to this more secure payment technology. Over the next several months, we will begin replacing our existing debit and credit cards with chip cards. When your card expires, a new chip card replacement will be mailed to you. Your new card will look similar to your current card, but it will have a small microchip embedded in the front left side.

How will it work?   EMV Chip smaller

See how easy it is to use

Step 1 – Insert the chip end of your card into the terminal (instead of swiping).
Step 2 – Keep your card in the terminal to complete your purchase.
Step 3 – Don’t forget to take your card with you when you leave

Simple ● Secure ● Smart

Using your new chip card will be easy. If a business is chip card capable, you will “dip” your card instead of swiping it. Your magnetic strip will still work for businesses who do not yet accept chip cards. As the U.S. shifts progressively to chip card technology, you will “dip” your card more often.

What are the benefits to me?
Increased security and reduced fraud potential are the biggest benefits of chip card technology. Migrating to a chip card will also make overseas payments much easier since the majority of the world has already migrated to chip card technology.

My business takes credit card payments.  What does that mean for me?
As a part of the nationwide effort to reduce credit and debit card fraud in the U.S., the credit card industry has instituted a liability shift which urges businesses to upgrade to the new, more secure chip card technology.

As of October, 2015, if you accept debit and credit cards in person and do not have a chip card terminal, you may assume liability for transactions that are found to be fraudulent. In other words, if you accept a chip card, but don’t have a chip reader, you could have to pay for any credit or debit card fraud that occurs in your business.

If you have questions about the liability shift and the services Ann Arbor State Bank offers, please call 734-761-1475.