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Debit Cards

If your card has been lost or stolen, or if you believe a fraudulent transaction has occurred, please take one of the following steps:

  1. Call VISA Global Customer Assistance Services toll-free within the United States at 1-800-847-2911.
  2. If traveling outside the United States click here for a full listing of VISA Global Customer Assistance Toll Free Numbers.
  3. Access Online Banking and select “Options”, ATM/Debit Card Tab. Click the check box next to the appropriate card to flag it as lost or stolen, submit.
  4. Access the A2SB Mobile App, go to Preference>Manage Cards. Select the card and choose either “Suspend Card” or “Report Lost or Stolen”. If you have just misplaced your card and think you will find it – select Suspend Card, then when found the card maybe activated by calling Customer Service (734)761-1475.

We’re committed to the security and protection of your financial data at the bank. We want to work with you closely to keep your accounts secure. That’s why we have smsGuardian text alert service for your debit card.
When you enroll in the text alert service, the system monitors your debit card usage for the following types of categories:

  • *International Transactions
  • *Authorizations Greater than $200.00
  • *8 or more Transactions in 24 hours
  • *Card Not Present
  • *Out of State Transactions
  • *Declined Authorizations

If a transaction is made from one of these categories with your debit card, you will receive a text message alert. If the purchase is fraudulent, send us a reply to the text with the specific code in the text message and your card will be blocked. No further transactions will be permitted, and access to your bank account will be restricted. If the transaction is legitimate, you need take no action. If you do not reply to the text message within 12 hours, the transaction is considered legitimate and no further action will occur.

Use the “STOP” command only to stop the text alert service entirely. By responding with “STOP”, you will not receive further text alerts.
You will be asked via a text message to enroll your card annually. There is no cost from the bank for this service. Your mobile service provider message and data rates may apply.

Effective 10/22/2018 text alerts will come from 96923.  

Enroll today by clicking here.