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Personal Banking Services

Person to Person (P2P) Payments

Send money to just about anyone in the country without sharing account numbers with NEW iPay Person to Person (P2P) Payments.

This service allows you to send money to your child in college, pay the babysitter, or split the tab for concert tickets with a friend by simply using an email address.

Rather than writing a check, iPay allows you to pay other people using your smartphone, tablet or desktop computer. Account numbers between the sender and receiver are kept confidential by using an email address.

To enroll log-in to Online Banking and send a secure message with your request for iPay P2P Payments. For more information call us at 734-761-1475 or 1-844-604-6310.

How it Works

  1. Initiate the P2P transfer by adding a Person to Pay. Enter a name, nickname, email address, and keyword only you and the recipient will know.
  2. Select the account you want to pay from
  3. Enter the payment amount
  4. Select the date that you would like the transaction to process.
  5. Write a message to the recipient in the memo box and hit Submit.
  6. The recipient is then notified by email where they enter in their bank account information and keyword that only you and the recipient know. All of this is done on a secure site to complete the transaction.
  7. Money is then deposited at the end of the business day.

Once you have enrolled in iPay, click on the Online Banking tab in Online Banking and access the “send money” widget on a desktop computer. Your first iPay P2P payment must be done on a desktop computer in order to complete the set-up process. Then, each iPay P2P payment may be done from Mobile Banking. There is a daily transaction limit of $2,500 for iPay P2P Payments.

For smartphones and tablet apps, tap the iPay icon within Mobile Banking to send P2P payments after your initial P2P payment has been made on your desktop computer.