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Residential Mortgage Loans

Are you looking to purchase a new home, build a new home,  or refinance your existing home?  Let Ann Arbor State Bank help you navigate the home loan process.  Our experienced team of professionals are dedicated to helping you with every step.  We offer a number of mortgage options to meet your needs.

A fixed-rate mortgage is one of the most common loan products available for buying a home. Ann Arbor State Bank offers fixed-rate loans in a variety of terms allowing you to choose the loan option that best fits your situation.

Advantages of a Fixed-Rate Mortgage

  • Stability –The interest rate will stay the same for the life of the loan.
  • Budgeting – The principal and interest amount in your monthly payment stays constant. This makes it easier to set a household budget.
  • Options – Choose a 30-year term to take advantage of low monthly payments, or select a shorter term loan, like a 15-year, to pay down your loan balance and grow equity faster.