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Security and Fraud

Here at Ann Arbor State Bank we handle privacy and the security of your financial data with the utmost care. We encourage you to use the following practices to protect your financial data from scams and identity theft.

The percentage of banking customers using mobile devices to access their financial data is climbing, and the fraudsters will not be far behind. Please use the following tips to secure your mobile device:

  • Use a unique PIN code to lock your device that only you know
  • Always maintain your phone in a safe location
  • Only download applications or data from a trusted source
  • Only use wireless networks that require a password. Open networks are often vulnerable to security breaches
  • Always maintain the most up-to-date software and firmware available for your device
  • Delete text messages or emails from your bank on your mobile device
  • Never send confidential information such as account numbers via a text message
  • Do not hack, jailbreak, or otherwise modify your device, as this will leave it susceptible to infection from malware, viruses, or trojans