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Security and Fraud

Here at Ann Arbor State Bank we handle privacy and the security of your financial data with the utmost care. We encourage you to use the following practices to protect your financial data from scams and identity theft.

Dispose of printed account statements. Store your ATM receipts, store and restaurant receipts and other documents containing your account information in a secure location. Shred or tear up papers with account or other personal information. Many identity thieves have obtained the information they needed by going through the victim’s trash.

Do not leave statements or other documents with your personal information lying around where others can see them.

Minimize the amount of personal information a criminal can steal. Don’t carry extra credit cards, your Social Security card, birth certificate or passport.

Sign the back of your credit and debit cards as soon as you receive them.

Keep a list of all your credit cards, loans, account numbers and expiration dates in a safe place so you can notify creditors in case of theft or loss.

Never give a credit card number or loan account information over the phone unless you initiated the call.

Check your credit report for accuracy at least once a year.

Take care when using ATM machines to shield the keyboard from view when you enter your PIN. Someone could look over your shoulder, memorize your PIN, and use it to gain access to your information later.

Be aware of who is listening when you give personal information over the phone, whether at your desk at work, or in public on a pay phone or cell phone.