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Retirement Plans

Ann Arbor State Advisors

Being locally owned and managed has benefits. ANN ARBOR STATE ADVISORS provides Retirement Plans tailored to each client’s needs and circumstances. Don’t you deserve a personal relationship with an advisor that knows and understands your needs and circumstances and is dedicated to helping you achieve your goals and objectives?

Michael Schork, Ann Arbor Wealth Management Adviser

Michael A. Schork, Jr.,
First Vice President

Retirement Plans

Our clients look to us for advice and counsel on their most important financial decisions, those that help shape their lives. This level of trust only comes from professional and personal service. This includes access to your advisor on your schedule – where and when you need and want it, and not just during normal business hours at our offices. An experienced advisor, disciplined processes, with local and personal service. We provide a value proposition that you will appreciate. There is a local difference!

Allow us the opportunity to become your trusted Wealth Advisor and Retirement Advisor.

*The investment products of Ann Arbor State Bank Advisors are not deposits of Ann Arbor State Bank, are not FDIC insured and could lose value.